Music at Your Fingertips
JukeBook® is an integrated on-site music library that lets you listen to the music you want, when you want it. Once you subscribe to JukeBook® you have free instant access to thousands of tracks and the chance to download more to build your library.
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Flick, Click, Listen
JukeBook® is simple to use. Using the touchscreen panel, you select the artist or song you want by browsing through your categories or searching by keyword. Add the song to a playlist, or play now to hear it straight away. You can also integrate JukeBook® with your in-house screen and use our remote control to browse.

Unlimited downloads from our vast online music store allows you to top up your categories at no extra cost.
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Autoplay DJ
Create the atmosphere you want with the AutoPlay DJ. Pick the category, tempo or tracks you want and let the Autoplay DJ make a playlist just for you. You can edit and save the playlist to use again and again.

Let JukeBook® get the party started with 2,000 karaoke tracks built in. Simply connect the JukeBook® system to your in-house TV screens and let the fun begin.
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Quiz Master
Our in-built Quiz Master is an essential addition to any table quiz night. It picks randomly selected questions from various categories, so you don’t have to. Interactive elements included displaying teams, categories, questions and a score table.
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Promote your venue, or earn extra ad revenue, by using the JukeBook® advertising function. Create, upload and schedule ads to run on all your in-house screens using JukeBook®, and let your customers know what’s going on.
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JukeBook® Additional Features

On Your TV

Integrate JukeBook® with any LCD or in-house TV

Anything You Want, You Got It

Get the music you want now in our Digistore®

Something for the Weekend

With JukeBook® you can create and save as many playlists as you want. You can use songs from your initial database, songs you've downloaded via Digistore® or songs from your own CD's that you've ripped to JukeBook®

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