JukeBook® FAQ

When I decide to buy JukeBook® what are my payment options?

We accept all major Credit cards, laser and cheque. We use the secure services of Realex for our online transaction so your money is as safe as possible.

Do I really need Broadband?

Yes, JukeBook® is an online subscription based product. So, broadband is necessary for two reasons. 1. So you're subscription can be kept up to date and 2. so that you get the most out of your JukeBook® with our regular program updates.

Is JukeBook® a stand-alone unit?

No, JukeBook® has two small speakers on the front panel, but ideally JukeBook® must be connected to an existing sound system or surround sound units.

What are the warranty terms?

We give you a 12-month guarantee on JukeBook® subject to our Terms & Conditions. For more on Terms and Conditions click here.

What if I can't find the track I'm looking for?

JukeBook® has an extensive database of songs from artists all over the world and will be updated on a daily basis. However, if there is a song that you want and is not available on JukeBook®, requests can be made and these will be considered for future additions to the DigiStore library.

How can I buy more credits?

Buying credits to buy more tracks on DigiStore will be available in the near future.

Can I upload my own MP3's?

No, JukeBook® is a dedicated piece of equipment and all music content is licensed specifically through JukeBook®. However, in the future JukeBook® hope to made available the ripping of CDs subject to licence

Can I sync my iPod or MP3 player?

No, JukeBook® is a dedicated personalised library and can only be used in this manner, licensing prevents the transfer of music to JukeBook® with the exception of music from DigiStore.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

If your subscriptions cease the JukeBook® will automatically lock within 14 days. However it can be restored at any time in the future so that you can enjoy full use of everything you had saved up to that point upon resumption of your subscription.

What happen if I forget to pay my subscription?

We recommend that you set up direct debits or standing orders to alleviate worry and so you can enjoy uninterrupted enjoyment of your JukeBook®. In the event that you do forget to pay your monthly subscription and your system locks up, contact JukeBook® on 01-8500650

Can I transfer my music onto CD or external hard-drive?

No, the music on JukeBook® is licensed and limited to use on JukeBook® only.

Do I own the music on JukeBook®?

No, you do not own the music on JukeBook® just as you don't own the movies that are shown on-demand on digital television. But the principal is the same. Providing subscriptions are up to date, you are free to enjoy the vast personal library you have on your JukeBook®. All music on JukeBook® is licensed for use by PPI.

How does JukeBook® compare to iTunes?

JukeBook® is the easy way to get the music you want, without paying a fortune for it. Were you to value the music we supply at the same rates as iTunes or other download services the cost would run into several thousands of euro. If you just take the price of the tracks on your newly purchased JukeBook® it equates to 5c a track, compared with 70c plus on iTunes.